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Riley 9 hp Mark IV tourer

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Year 1930

This lovely Riley 9 Mark 1V tourer on chassis number 6010140 was first registered on 24th May 1930 and comes with five card log books running from 1936 to 1973 and an original letter from its owner from 1936 to 1947 telling us he took the car over from his brother who bought it new in April 1930.

There is also a list of owners from 1930 to 1987 and a nearly continuous set of 37 tax discs dating from March 1971 to June 2012 – several of which show it was often taxed for only four months at a time! In addition there are 32 MoT test certificates covering a large proportion of the years from 1972 to 2013 so we have a vintage car with an almost complete history from new.  

To add to the story there is an October 1970 magazine article featuring the car which notes that it had been restored over a twelve month period plus some period photographs showing the stripped down chassis both before and after painting as well as the obviously rebuilt engine. It also records that after the restoration it won the premier award at the 1970 Riley Register’s Coventry Rally. There is also a newspaper article dated June 1974 showing the then owner holding the driving test trophy he won in the Lancashire Motor Club’s rally.

The car has been in continuous use and well maintained so it is in very good order with the only part showing obvious signs of wear being the hood bag! The current owner has gone through the car and improved details as he saw fit and in addition stripped and rebuilt the engine with new white metalled big end and main bearings and new bronze main bearing sleeves.

The twin camshaft twin carburettor engine with its free flow exhaust starts readily and runs quietly and smoothly with no undue noises or smoke. It pulls well in all four forward gears (which are also obviously in good order) and the transmission is very quiet. The fabric covered body is very sound and rattle free and the upholstery and trim is all very presentable as are the sidescreens, hood and full length tonneau cover. As you would expect with a Riley the steering and brakes are very good and the car drives very nicely indeed.

This is a really lovely and correct vintage sports tourer which is ideal for just driving around as well as taking to shows and rallying. I think it will be very difficult to find many vintage sporting tourers in as nice useable condition at such a sensible price as this one!





Price 23,950.00