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Hispano Suiza T49

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Year 1926

This splendid Barcelona built 1926 3.7 litre six cylinder overhead cam engined Hispano Suiza T49 with chassis and engine number 7326 was bought by its owner from a highly experienced Hispano Suiza marque specialist who was commissioned to carry out a complete ground up restoration of it.  

There is a statement of account listing all the stage payments made and a set of 55 photographs recording the work in progress but perhaps the first line of the document will tell you all you need to know when it says “each part was dismantled and restored in accordance with best practice”.

It then goes on to list the major components - chassis, fuel tank, road springs, back axle, front axle, gearbox, rear propeller shaft, front drive shaft, servo, engine, distributor, carburettor, stub axles, pedals and levers, vacuum tank, steering box, brakes, wheels, lamps and wiring with a summary of what work was done on each item.  

The result of all this must be what the rolling chassis was like when it first came out of the factory on its way to the coachbuilders - even without a body the car is a work of art and would in itself be a show stopper at any concours event

However it is realistic to expect that a new owner would want to finish the project with a suitably elegant body and to help them in their endeavours the car comes with four very relevant  books with lots of pictures of contemporary cars which are

La Hispano Suiza - The Origins of a Legend 1899 - 1915   by Emilio Polo

La Hispano Suiza – El Vuelo de las Ciguenas 1916 - 1931 by Emilio Polo                                         

Alfonso X111 y El Automovil by Emilio Polo

The Legendary Hispano Suiza by Johnnie Green

This is a rare opportunity to join the exclusive world of Hispano Suiza with a professionally restored rolling chassis on to which you can put your own stamp and it might help you in your decision to know that the price we are asking for the car is considerably less than the cost of its very recent restoration!



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