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Ford  Model A

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Year 1930

Henry Ford got it right with the Model T in 1909 – it was a remarkable piece of engineering which was marketed at an equally remarkable price – he planned to make a mass produced but well-built and reliable car at a price which one of his factory workers could afford and it worked because he sold over 15 million of them before production stopped in 1927. He reproduced the T’s success with the Model A which came to the market in late 1927 as Ford sold nearly 5 million of them in just over four years until production ceased in March 1932 following the introduction of the Model B.

Ford Model As are really good motor cars and it is not at all surprising that they are very popular as they are great fun to drive as well as being robust and easy to maintain with an excellent spares back up – so much so that I can see no reason why you should not use one as daily transport should you so desire! They come with a variety of body styles and this open tourer is one of the most popular as it can accommodate four or five people for use as a family runabout or it can be a touring car for a couple with lots of luggage!

The general condition of the body, paintwork and upholstery can fairly be described as solid and presentable with the mechanicals being good and very useable.

The four cylinder engine is mechanicaly quiet and powerful plus the gearbox, transmission and suspension all appear to be in good order and the car drives very well with the characteristic Ford A “go pretty well anywhere in top gear” approach to motoring!

In summary it is a very good value for money car with great presence and driving appeal and Ford A’s are much in demand for showing, rallying and taking part in Vintage Sports Car Club events.


Price 16,500.00