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Crossley 20.9

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Year 1927

Crossley started manufacturing motor cars in Gorton, Manchester in 1904 until and, apart from a minor name change in 1910, carried on in business until 1937. Although the name is familiar to enthusiasts it is perhaps less well known in the wider world of old cars despite producing very the company producing very high quality motor cars.

During the 1914-18 war Crossleys were used as officers’ staff cars by the Royal Flying Corps (later the RAF) and after the war they were very popular with the British Royal Family which gives you an idea of the high regard in which the company was held.

Any examination of this lovely 1927 20.9 hp 3.2 litre six cylinder overhead valve engined fabric bodied saloon will demonstrate its high quality – in fact I would go so far as to say that it would not be unreasonable to regard this car as a very good alternative to a 20 hp Rolls-Royce which will cost you great deal more!

The car is currently located (and is viewable) in the Midlands though it is due to come to my place in south east England in the not too distant future.

Price 34,950.00