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Austin 7 Sports

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Year 1922

This super little car is the product of the knowledge and expertise of well known Austin Seven exponent Barry Clarke. As this particular model doesn't appear to have been put into production Barry based its appearance entirely on a drawing published in the December 1922 edition of The Light Car and Cyclecar which is, I believe, the only known picture of the car. He had, over years of Austin Seven ownership, accumulated many early parts and this presented itself as an ideal opportunity to put them to good use - I have summarised below the construction of the car so that you can see just how far he has gone to make the car as authentic as possible and why it deserves to be viewed as so much more than just another Austin Seven special.

The chassis is an early Austin Seven unit which has been remade to 1922 specification in that it has a different nosepiece with two rather than four bolts. It has an early front axle which doesn't have any shock absorber mountings, it has oilers rather than greasers for the king pins and there is no lubricating facility for the track rod ends. The correct 5.4 to 1 back axle doesn't have any strengthening webs cast into the differential housing, the front and rear spring shackles have correct early greasers and the beaded edge wheels are fitted with early 6 inch brake drums.

The engine is 747 cc as specified in the 1922 Light Car and Cyclecar magazine and the cylinder head, which has the number XL 845 FD cast into it, incorporates fuel priming taps for the cylinders as the early carburettor doesn’t have a built in choke mechanism. The car also has the correct early dynamo as fitted to cars without starter motors and it has an early gearbox with a metal rather than a fabric universal joint. The only mechanical conncession to modern driving is an electric radiatoer fan!

It has a four spoke steering wheel which is a specially made replica of an original early wheel and the gas and ignition levers on the steering wheel have correct period dished ends.

The body, which is as accurate as it can be given only one drawing of the car exists, looks to be correct and has good period detailing. It was built by Austin Seven expert Keith Roach who is very well known for the quality and accuracy of the vintage Austin Seven bodies he builds.

This car is surely a "must have" for serious Austin Seven collectors in that as far as we know no other example exists so you can own something unique and be able to experience just what driving the first Austin sports model would have been like if they had built it!



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