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Austin 7 Chummy

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Year 1927

Austin 7s are deservedly popular motor cars, they are not expensive, spares are readily available, they are small so you can keep them at the end of your garage or in your garden shed, they are pleasure to drive and you will meet lots of people who either once owned one or their parents did and they will bring a smile to everybody’s face wherever they go!

Given that at one stage you could buy them for a few pounds many have been turned into specials and used for trials or racing so its nice to fine one which has been a special at one stage in its life but has been rebuilt as a Chummy and a very nice one at that!

It comes with a file including pictures which shows it during its special phase followed by photos of it having been stripped right back its chassis then built up again.

The thing that impresses people who see it is just how well it has been put back together – the chassis and related mechanicals are all very good, the engine and gearbox are also in fine condition and the bodywork, paint, trim, upholstery and sidescreens  and upholstery are as good as any I have seen for quite a while and it drives as well as it looks.

All in all it is a really nice Chummy and is very good value for money!   

Price 15,750.00