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Yale 14/16 hp

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Year 1904

The Kirk Manufacturing Company which made Yale cars between 1903 and 1907 produced high quality vehicles which I think were every bit as good as those produced by contemporaries like Cadillac.

Like most American automobiles of the time, Yale cars were designed and built to be robust and capable of covering long distances over what may not always be smooth road surfaces.

This approach to design and construction is demonstrated in the car’s long stroke twin cylinder engine of just under 2.5 litres capacity which gives it ample power to carry four people in comfort. The engine on this car has subsequently been fitted with an electric starter so there is no need to swing a handle to get it going!

The car also has a simple to use gearbox which allows you to change gear simply by moving a lever forwards and backwards to select low or high gear and depressing a foot pedal to go backwards. Once you are out on the road you will find that it has so much power that once you put it in top gear you can stay there for most of the time. 

As you will see when you inspect it this Veteran Car Club dated 1904 Yale Model E is in very good condition and has clearly been restored structurally, mechanically and cosmetically – this is a very rare car and it might be a long time before you see another one!