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Sunbeam 12/16

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Year 1913

This splendid motor car has just arrived and I am waiting to read its file before I prepare a detailed description of it. However I am keen to tell you about it so here is a short summary with a set of pictures and a couple of walk-round videos to start the ball rolling !

Louis Coatalen designed Sunbeams are generally considered to be amongst the best of Edwardian era cars and I believe that any inspection of this example will convince you that such high regard is more than justified. 

It has the later more powerful three litre version of their four cylinder engine with a four speed gearbox, a Bosch dual ignition system for easy starting, a comprehensive set of instruments and electric lights when many cars still had acetylene powered lamps. It is a full five seat seater with a folding rear windcreen for passenger comfort, a good hood and a set of tonneau covers.

The coachwork is very sound and well presented with good quality paintwork, the nicklel plated brightwork is blemish free plus the upholstery, carpets and trim are good.

All in all this is a very fine motor car which is sensibly priced and I believe represents really good value for money!          

More information and a video of it being driven will follow soon. 

Price 65,000.00