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Singer 10 hp competition special

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Year 1913

The Singer 10 was launched in 1912 and is generally recognised as the world's first proper light car, combining as it did the small size and lightweight elements of cyclecars with the more robust engineering and four cylinder engines plus three speed and reverse gearboxes normally associated with larger and more expensive cars.

As they turned out to be very good performers the 10's were soon being driven in sporting events by racing drivers such as Bramley Haywood, Frank Rollason, Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin with the latter's Singer 10 being particularly successful at the 1914 Aston Clinton hill climb and in 1915 he gave his own and the event's name to the first Aston Martin car.

Inspired by Martin's modified Singer 10 and using a correct 1913 chassis (number 3) and engine (number C4), noted racer and special builder Barry Clarke put together this super little car with competition use in mind.

He rebuilt and at the same time did some development work on the 1096cc engine, the rear mounted constant mesh gearbox is very easy to use, the steering is precise and it has good brakes so the more you use it the more confident you become about driving it rapidly - finally the car is very light so engine power is not being wasted hauling heavy coachwork around! Once the engine has warmed up the car is really quite lively and in the hands of a good driver it should do well and no doubt it's performance could be developed further once you started using it.

In summary I think this is a really good little machine which can be put to normal road use and also has good potential in cpmpetitive events such as hill climbs and sprints - it is also very good value for money and being small won't take up much space in your garage!


Price 22,000.00