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Renault  AX

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Year 1909

When you inspect and drive a twin cylinder 8 hp Renault AX it is easy to understand why this model and its AG taxi variant became Renault’s best-selling car in the years before the Great War.

They are well built with a good twin cylinder mechanically valved 8 hp engine which in this case has been fitted with an electric starter, they have an easy to use three speed and reverse gearbox plus good steering and brakes which are up to the job and they drive very well with surprisingly strong performance and good handling

This car, which was sent new to the southern hemisphere in chassis form and returned to the UK in 2000, has been in the hands of its current owner since 2011 and has a Veteran Car Club Events Passport in his name - by way of background he has long personal experience of owning, restoring and driving Veteran and Edwardian cars.

During his ownership of the AX he has dismantled and rebuilt it, refurbishing or replacing any mechanical, electrical and structural items which he felt were not up to scratch - for example the rear axle has a new crown wheel. He also had four new wooden wheels made with new zinc plated beaded edge rims (including one for the spare) all of which were fitted with new tubes and Waymaster tyres.  He also rebuilt and repainted the body and retrimmed the seats in black Aniline leather.

As you can imagine after all this work it is not only structurally and mechanically sound, it looks very smart - the only thing I can see that has not been restored is the hood which the next paragraph will explain.

Perhaps I should tell you why the owner is selling the car after putting so much work into it - it is purely because his health is now such that having completed restoring it all bar the hood, he will unfortunately never be able to drive it.        

This car will suit someone who is looking to buy a vehicle which has been the subject of a major restoration but understands that it has not yet been fully road tested and will be happy to use it and rectify the sort of tightening-up and adjustment issues which might possibly appear while running it in after such an extensive rebuild.    



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