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Renault  14/20 cv

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Year 1907

A contemporary green card log book tells us that this splendid Edwardian motor car with chassis 9775 and engine 2160 was registered in the UK in December 1963 following a rebuild after which its owner fitted a rudimentary two seater bodywork to get it through the UK DVLA registration process.

Soon after its registration it was taken over by a gentleman who commissioned Edmunds Metal Works of Plymouth to build the body you now see on the car. There are several letters in the file documenting this arrangement including one from the Montagu Motor Museum confirming that Edmunds had previously built a Bentley body for them. They also offered their own 1906 Renault as pattern for the body on this car so they were obviously satisfied with Edmunds and any inspection of the body will demonstrate the quality of their work!     

In 1969 the car was acquired by a well-known member of the Veteran Car Club after which it went through another owner who appears to have kept it for 12 years before sadly departing this world in 1992.

In February 1993 the current owner’s father bought it through old car specialist Paul Foulkes-Halberd of Filching Manor - it is at this point that a detailed very detailed maintenance record of the car begins as this gentleman was nothing if not meticulous in his documentation which you can of course peruse for yourself. In addition there is a comprehensive set of copies of original Renault literature which is no doubt very informative but will test your knowledge of French.

Soon after he bought the Renault he submitted it for dating by the Veteran Car Club and it was issued with certificate number 1998 on 6th October 1993. 

The thing that strikes you about this car is its presence as it is a very imposing machine with lots of lovely period features. Considering that the body was built in the early-mid 1960s it is in very fine condition throughout with a nice patina which reflects it being used rather than stored lifelessly in a museum - indeed the current owner fairly recently drove it to Le Mans and back and his parents enjoyed several excursions to France in it!          

The four cylinder 3 litre Renault engine has an electric starter and fires up very rapidly, soon settling to a steady tick-over and it is reassuring to see oil dripping steadily through the sight glasses on the Dubrulle oiler which conveniently tells you where the oil is going to. Out on the road the engine pulls well with lots of low down torque, the clutch is surprisingly light and smooth, the four speed and reverse gearbox is very easy to use, the steering is positive with no signs of wandering and the brakes are good. Once you get up to speed the car gives the reassuring impression that it will just keep on going for as long and as far as you want.   

In summary this is a fine Edwardian car which is in very good useable condition and is ready to be driven on a regular basis for touring, rallies, shows and just generally motoring about!.