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Perfecta Darracq 2.75 hp Quadricycle

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Year 1900

After he sold his Gladiator bicycle factory to Adolphe Clemant French businessman Alexandre Darracq formed a new company  in 1987 called A.Drracq et Cie. He then built a factory in Suresnes called the Perfecta Works to manufacture bicycle parts, tricycles and quadricycles like this 1900 machine which is referred to in its 2021 VCC Identification and Dating Certificate as a Perfecta Darracq

The thing that strikes you when you see it is its remarkable condition which must put into contention as a top end concours winner and if nothing else given its rarity it is very likely be the only Perfecta Darracq quadricycle in the event!

It is powered by a 2.75 hp de Dion engine (number 13586) which has the desireable water- cooled cylinder head with power being transferred to the rear wheels through a very easy to use two speed Bozier gearbox. At some stage it has been fitted with a steering wheel but the current owner had it converted back to handlebar steering though the wheel comes with the car should you prefer it. 

These small conveyances are great fun to drive and being made in 1900 this particular car will get an early start in the London to BrIghton Run and people will rightly tell you that there are few things quite so satisfying as driving a small horsepower single cylinder vehicle from Hyde Park all the way to the finish line at Brighton!

This Darracq is also eligible for the Veteran Car Club’s annual Creepy Crawly Run for single and twin cylinder cars as well as all other VCC events and being very small you won’t need a big transporter to move it around or a large garage to put in in!