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Panhard et Levassor X/19

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Year 1913

In 1891 Panhard et Levassor introduced a mid-engined car with a Daimler V twin power but over a fairly short time they adopted what was to become the standard motor car layout with an engine at the front and a gearbox in the middle driving the rear wheels.  A succession of new ideas and designs for road cars followed and they also enjoyed considerable success in motor racing. The company grew fairly rapidly and by the time of the Great War it had become one of the most important and profitable car manufacturers, surviving independently until the mid 1960s when they were absorbed by Citroen.

This particular X19 was once part of Prince Rainier of Monaco’s collection and we have its last Monegasque registration document in his son Prince Albert’s name with his address showing as the Palais de Monaco. This very original car has many appealing features including its very stylish coachwork, its patinated but surely original hood and leather seats and its linoleum floor held in place by neat rows of hundreds of small round headed brass tacks. It has lovely Burdigala sidelights, a pair of fine Auteroche headlamps with a Savignon Ideal No. 25 acetylene generator which is currently disconnected. The tyres are nearly new and an unused spare comes with the car as does a small selection of useful metric spanners and other tools .

Its Dynastarted monobloc 2,150cc 10hp four cylinder side valve engine is mated to a really easy to use four speed and reverse gearbox, the brakes are good and the steering is light so the car is a pleasure to drive and could easily be used on a regular basis as it cruises at 40 mph and can attain 50 mph. No doubt much of its driveability is the result of the recent thorough check over and refurbishment of the car carried out for the owner by old car expert Robbie Jardine – file includes his invoices and a full summary of his work. 

In summary this is a charming and very original car which was considered good enough to form part of a very important royal collection. I think you will be hard pressed to many cars as nice as this  offering such good value for money. 

Price 47,500.00  NOW SOLD