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Mignonnette - Luap 2.2 5 hp

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Year 1900

According to a book in this car’s file about his prominent French family, Paul Legendre had a keen interest in motorised tricycles and there are pictures of a variety of such vehicles including some with additional single wheels and seats to accommodate extra passengers.

It appears that one of M. Legendre’s key design ideas was to convert production motorised tricycles into four wheelers by extending their frames to carry two front wheels. In 1898 he submitted a patent for a four wheeled two seater called the Mignonnette Luap Legendre (for some reason reversing his given name Paul) and there is a picture of a car described as the simplest, the smallest, the best going, the lowest tax bracket and the lightest automobile of its day. This is is clearly an example of the one we have for sale with the most obvious feature being its sliding pillar independent front suspension.

The file also contains our car’s Veteran Car Club Dating Advisory Committee Vehicle Identification and Dating Opinion Report of 28th August 2014 which makes fascinating reading. By the way whilst it was being dated the VCC gave with two 12 month Veteran Car Passports and finally issued it with a Composite Certificate recording it as a 1900 Mignonnette Luap 2.25 hp Voiturette. 

It comes with a collection of photographs showing it as found in a largely complete but fairly derelict state prior to its restoration. It is powered by a single cylinder De Dion engine with an air cooled cylinder and a water cooled head. It has a Bozier two speed gearbox with a floor mounted gear lever and a horizontal steering handlebar which carries the necessary throttle, ignition and air controls.  

It is a fascinating machine which is in lovely condition and will attract a great deal of attention wherever it goes. It has successfully carried two strapping Welshmen all the way to Brighton, it has the benefit of being an early starter, it won’t take up much space in your garage and it comes with its own purpose built trailer so what more could you ask!  



Price 48,750.00