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Humberette 5 hp

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Year 1903

G. N. Georgano's Complete Encyclopaedia of the Motorcar describes the 5 hp Humberette with its De Dion type 613 cc single cylinder engine and its two speed gearbox as being Britain's first successful effort at producing a light car so it is quite a milestone machine in its own right.

I have known this lovely Veteran Car Club dated example since 2009 when its previous owner bought it through me then completed five Brighton Runs in it before asking me to find a new home for it. It was taken on in 2014 by a German gentleman who has been as meticulous as the previous owner  about maintaining it and there are invoices recording important work done on it by veteran car expert Nigel Parrot and his colleagues at NP Veteran Engineering. As with all NPV invoices a considerable level of detail is recorded which is very reassuring to a potential buyer. The current owner has successfully driven it to Brighton in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019 (there was of course no Run in 2020).

As well as appealing to experienced Brighton Run drivers, Humberettes also appeal to people new to veteran cars as they are conventionally laid out with a proper steering wheel rather than a tiller, a front mounted water cooled engine, conventional sliding gears, shaft drive to the rear wheels and a good hood to keep you dry if it rains! This one is very easy to start and as you can imagine with its maintenance history, is really good to drive – and it is also very good value for money!

A video of the Humberette car being driven will be added soon!


Price 56,750.00