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De Dion Bouton DI tourer

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Year 1912

This handsome 12 hp De Dion Bouton DI tourer with car number 363 and carrying what appears to an original owners plate in the name of L Boucherat of Vesdun is proving to be a very fine motor car.

The spacious four door four/five seat coachwork is very sound and rattle free with nicely patinated good quality paintwork. It has a lovely brass radiator, very smart upholstery and a good hood with separate tonneau covers for the front and rear compartments.

The four cylinder 2 litre engine has been fitted with a dynastart and fires up as soon as you press the button. It soon settles down to a steady tickover, doesn’t make any untoward noises or blow out lots of smoke and once it has warmed up pulls the car along very well. To help control radiator temperature in heavy traffic an electric water pump has been built into the cooling system.

The clutch is light and smooth, the conventional three speed and reverse gearbox works well, is easy to use and the transmission is quiet without any backlash. The springing is good so the car is comfortable to ride.    

The wheels and tyres are in very good condition, the steering is accurate and wander free, the brakes are up to the job and as well as a bulb horn it has a very effective pedal operated exhaust whistle as well as a silencer by-pass for country motoring.

All in all it is a handsome well-built touring car which is structurally good, drives very nicely and gives the impression that it will just keep on running for as far as you want to go – in summary it is one of the nicest Edwardian cars I have seen for a long time and it is also very good value for money!.            


Price 44,950.00