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BSA 13.9 hp

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Year 1912

This attractive BSA, which is to all intents and purposes a small Daimler, was introduced in 1912 and used the Knight double sleeve-valve engines which Daimler had adopted just before they were taken over by BSA in 1910. An important feature of the car is BSA’s innovative pressed steel bodywork which could be manufactured and fitted to the chassis in a fraction of the time that a conventional coach built body took to produce - as a result the car’s total production time was dramatically reduced which inevitably had a beneficial effect on cash flow! The bodies were also more rigid and less inclined to deteriorate and rattle than conventional wood framed coachwork.

We know everybody who has owned the car since it was ordered from England in 1912 by a Mr Langland of Horsham in Victoria, Australia, arriving there in 1913. The second owner was a farmer a few miles called from Horsham called Harold Reynolds and there is in the file a splendid photograph marked as circa 1923 showing and his family in the car – a well as being interesting in its own right it also shows just in how correct the car is now! He kept it until the early 1930s. It then went to the Warwick family a few miles from Horsham who used it as a farm hack before removing the body and turning the engine and chassis into a stationary engine to drive farm machinery – the body and other parts were sent to another farm they owned about 40 miles away.

The fourth owner was Terry Payne (also from Horsham) who was able to locate the body and other missing parts.

Its fifth owner was Ron Mellowship who at the time lived in Kent but is Australian by birth. He  bought it from Terry Payne then had it shipped back to England and started the comprehensive restoration which produced the really superb car it is today.

It is now in the hand of its sixth owner who has asked me to find it a new home as, like many car enthusiasts, he also collects motorcycles and wants to concentrate on them and feels the BSA will be better served if were to go to someone who will make more use of it than he is able to.

The car is every bit as good as it looks and I am sure you will be very impressed if you come to see it.

Price 47,500.00