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Talbot AV 105

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Year 1933

George Roesch's 6 cylinder 100 bhp 2,969 cc Talbot AV 105 was surely one of the most desirable English sporting cars of its time and they are rightly still very highly regarded for their performance and handling.

According to Clement Talbot’s records this car (number 35212) was delivered to Talbot dealer Warwick Wright in chassis form in 31st December 1932. The car carries what certainly looks like Vanden Plas sports tourer coachwork and there is a hand written letter in the file detailing extensive mechanical and structural restoration work done on the car which includes the body being rebuilt with a new ash frame and panelling but retaining the original doors, boot lid, bonnet and front wings. Whilst I would make no absolute claims for it I think it there is a strong possibility that it is a VDP bodied car which has been restored in the correct style and to a very high standard.

As result of all this work the car not only looks good but is mechanically very sound and drives very well and furthermore there is a set of suitably reassuring invoices on file for mechanical work done on it since the restoration totalling over £26,000 which testify to it having been properly maintained to a high standard by appropriate Talbot specialists.

Any Roesch Talbot enthusiast will know how good these cars are but they are rare machines so there is a distinct possibility that you may never have sat in one let alone driven one so I would encourage you to come and have a look at it and maybe go for a drive as only then will you be able to appreciate just how good they are.         

Price 136,500.00