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Sunbeam  18.2 hp

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Year 1931

Before I start describing this splendid 1931 Sunbeam 18.2 hp car (built on chassis number 5923M) I would like to comment on the document file which comes with it – it is one of the best presented collections of car related information I have seen for a long time and its very structured nature tells you a lot about the meticulous way its owner has approached refurbishing and maintaining his car.

The first folder contains a list of owners and a summary of work done on the car by its present owner.

The second relates to the production of a set of new engine blocks for this model. The owner is participating in this on-going venture and any buyer of the car can, by separate negotiation, take up his option to buy one of the blocks when they are ready.

The third contains photocopies of relevant Sunbeam manuals.

The fourth contains a very informative history of Sunbeam as well as a list and pictures of their various models.

A fifth folder contains over 160 pages of invoices, reports and correspondence relating to this car with the first document being a table of 46 invoices recording money spent on the car between December 2006 and January 2020 – it will hopefully be sufficient to say at this stage that the total expenditure is considerably greater than the price now being asked for the car!

And now to the car itself - before I go any further I should tell you that it has been hand painted and whilst the finish is perfectly serviceable and looks good from across the road it may not immediately please everybody who looks at it but we have taken that into account in the price!

However the elegant aluminium and steel close coupled two door four light coupe saloon coachwork could, I think, be fairly described as dent free and in sound condition as is the very presentable upholstery, trim, carpets, headlining and dashboard with all instruments working as they should!

The refurbished 2.2 litre six cylinder engine (number 5825M) is smooth, sounds very good and pulls well. The four speed and reverse gearbox is easy to use with it and the transmission working well without any undue mechanical noises. The suspension is good and the refurbished kingpins, steering system and hydraulic brakes inspire confidence and make the car a pleasure to drive.

This is a fine example of an English sporting motor car in very good refurbished and well maintained rather than over restored condition and I thoroughly recommend you come and have a look at it.

It is also very good value for money!    





Price 32,650.00