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Riley Gamecock

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Year 1932

I have to admit bias when talking about Rileys as I like them a lot having owned six of them in my long distant younger days – there is just something special about them that sets them apart! It’s a combination of many factors which include their splendid twin cam engines, their nice gearboxes whether manual or preselect, their stiff chassis which combined with good brakes and steering make them enjoyable to drive and on top of that they are handsome to look at - quite simply they are very good motor cars which are a cut above their contemporaries.

I am advertising this car on behalf of its owner who lives in north Yorkshire so any potential buyer will have to discuss the car with him. He describes the car as being good but not perfect and that a repaint of the running boards would improve it though I have to say it looks pretty good in the many photos he has sent me .

It has Zenith carburettors, a Brooklands gearbox and a stainless steel exhaust system. It also has hydraulic rather than mechanical brakes and is fitted with Marchal headlamps. He tells me that the clutch has been fitted with strong springs so there is no slipping!

Riley Gamecocks are not only attractive to look at and go very well but they are also practical as unlike many sports cars of their age they have a boot!  This not  only gives you somewhere to put your shopping but you could also carry enough personal paraphernalia to make the idea of a touring holiday for two quite a sensible idea and furthermore it has a good folding roof and side screens if you do get caught out in a spot of rain!

If you would like to know more please contact me and I will put you in touch with the car’s owner

Price 24,950.00