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Riley 9 hp Ascot tourer

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Year 1934

This very rare and as far as I can see correct Riley 9 with its Ascot two/four seat drop head coupe coachwork is in very presentable and sound condition. We don’t have a lot of history but we do know that the TJ prefix of its TJ6272 registration number was in use in Lancashire between 1932 and 1935.

We don’t have any documents covering its restoration but it is obvious that extensive work has been done and that the upholstery, trim and hood covering were replaced at the time. What is particularly nice is that when the car was restored it wasn’t turned into yet another Riley special but was correctly rebuilt as an Ascot so it was clearly a labour of love!

We are also short on information on what mechanical work was done on it so you will have to judge it by inspecting and driving it but I think you will be happy with it when you do. Its twin carburettor engine pulls well, has good compression on all cylinders, maintains good oil pressure and water temperature plus the gearbox works well as does the transmission, brakes and steering and the car goes very nicely indeed.

As with any Riley 9 there is good availability of spares and technical advice plus several companies who provide specialist maintenance and engineering services if you need them. The Riley Register is a very active club for owners of these cars and I would encourage you to join it if you are not already a member. 

All in all I think that this rare and attractive Riley is a real eye catcher which offers very good value for money and it certainly warrants looking at if you would like to own a very correct and original post vintage Riley touring car!     

Price 19,500.00