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Year 1938

The MG TA, of which just over 3,000 were built between 1936 and 1939, was the first of a range of cars which successfully took the Midget in its TC form into the post 1945 American market, apparently many US military personnel came into contact with them during their wartime service in Britain and wanted to own one when they got home.

TAs are delightfully simple but effective motor cars and are in many ways the forerunner of the very successful MGB in that they have an easy to maintain, reliable and powerful enough four cylinder push rod engine (with plenty of tuning potential) mated to a nice gearbox with good steering and brakes all wrapped up in attractive body work and available to the public at a very affordable price – no wonder they were successful! 

This particular car on chassis number TA2520 has, like many of its contemporaries, been the subject of a fair bit of modification over the years. This includes being fitted with an aluminium body tub and cycle wings reminiscent of the Cream Cracker rally team cars, an MG TD XPAG engine, a Ford type five speed gearbox and twin spare wheels. I realise that some of this will not suit the MG purist but the car will definitely appeal to the driver who likes their car to go as well as it looks.          

The car is in good all round condition and drives very nicely. The paintwork is good, the body is sound and the upholstery is smart.  The engine sounds crisp and revs well whilst maintaining good oil pressure and water temperature. I am aware that the gearbox may not get universal approval but it is a relatively common modification found in MG sports cars as its top gear is an overdrive and given the engine’s increased rev range over the original MPJG unit the TA is now quite capable of cruising at relatively high speeds.

So here we have a very useable and attractive MG which looks the part and goes very well indeed. There are many event badges which attest to its frequent participation in MG club events so it has obviously been enthusiastically driven in the past . Whilst it really looks good I think it will appeal more to the driver who prefers driving his car to showing it at concours events.

Please note that when pricing the car I have taken into account its variation from the original factory specification.  



Price 25,750.00