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Lagonda Low chassis 2 litre

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Year 1933

Perhaps a good way to introduce this very original Lagonda 2 Litre on chassis number OH10483 with engine number OH2232 is to quote from a letter written by the Lagonda Club Registrar in December 1976

“ Your car is an interesting one in that it is a 2 litre low chassis tourer but made a couple of years after the 2 litre had been dropped in favour of the 16/80 which used the same chassis but with a Crossley push rod engine (modified by Lagonda) instead of the twin camshaft one. Your car has the 16/80 radiator and it is mounted in the 16/80 position some inches forward of the normal 2 litre place…. I imagine that the original customer preferred the four cylinder engine to the six and had a special car built which was mostly 16/80 but with the earlier engine”.

The car comes with an interesting history file much of which dates from the 1960s and includes hand written letters from Captain Ivan Forshaw who was then the Club’s spares registrar and technical advisor. In addition there are invoices for work done on it at the time.

At some stage the car went to America and came back just before the current owner bought it in 2014 at which time it was reissued with its original 1933 registration number ALP695.

Since he bought the car its owner has commissioned extensive (and expensive!) work to be done on it by various specialists.  There is a comprehensive list of activities with the most significant item probably being the fitting of a downdraught cylinder head.

As you will see from the attached pictures and video it is a very stylish four seat tourer with a useful compartment behind the rear seats providing luggage space and stowage for the hood and tonneau cover. The body is sound and rattle free with good paintwork and leather upholstery with the whole car having just the right amount of patination to give it a comfortably used look.

The engine starts readily and once warmed up gives lively performance. The Lagonda gearbox is quiet and after a bit of practice fast and quiet gear changes will soon become the norm. The transmission is quiet, the steering is positive and wander free and the brakes are up to the job so the more you drive the car the more you realise it will be a comfortably rapid and enjoyable touring car and if you buy it yours will be the only Lagonda like it you will ever see!





Price 69,950.00