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Austin 7

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Year 1935

Austin 7s are deservedly popular and this 1935 RTC/Roach aluminium bodied two seat trials special on chassis number 208786 with engine number M1789589448 is yet another good example of why they have such a strong following.

The current owner acquired the car in 2007 from the late Bryan Cassidy who was a keen trials driver and there is a VSCC eligibility certificate in his name as well as one for the current owner. However at six feet four inches tall he is now finding it increasingly difficult to get in and out of so has recently bought from me a lovely two door Austin 7 Taylor sports model and asked me find a buyer for this car. His height explains the tall windscreen which you could reduce if you so wish.

The car, which has a very good specification as set out below, is very sound indeed and is a real pleasure to drive with a taut chassis and good handling helped by a Panhard rod on the front axle and hydraulic brakes. It has a strong and very smooth engine which incorporates a two bearing Phoenix crank with recently white-metalled big end bearings and a new rear main bearing and a high pressure oil pump, a full flow oil filter and re-ringed Honda pistons. It has a semi-downdraught SU carb on a Raeburn inlet manifold, a four branch tubular exhaust manifold, a 1937 high compression cylinder head and it has a Bosch distributor. Its four speed gearbox was rebuilt by Andy Bird about a year ago at which time the clutch was relined and gear changing is a real joy!

The electrics have been converted to 12 volts with the battery located under a Perspex lid in the bottom of the boot with an isolator switch on the dashboard. The boot also has a hinged aluminium lid and whilst there isn’t a hood there are a couple of straps to hold an umbrella should you get caught in the rain whilst waiting to get going! There are also power take off points on both the dashboard and the rear nearside of the body to attach electric pumps for tyre pressure changes.

It has twin spare wheels on the rear, a vintage Lucas switch panel, a vintage speedometer, a temperature gauge, an oil pressure gauge, a pre-Ruby Austin 7 steering wheel, a 1929 radiator shell which is in nice condition and a reversing light.

If you are new to Austin 7s, any 7 owner will tell you just how good these little cars are and how much fun they are to drive. They will also tell you about the wide range of specials that cheerfully co-exist in the various clubs with original factory built cars and the ready availability of a wide range of sensibly priced spares from specialist suppliers who know their subject and can advise exactly you what bits you need for whatever job you are doing.

They will also tell you about the remarkable development potential of Austin 7s and just how fast you can make them go if you so desire. In addition there are lots of Austin 7 activities from regular club meetings to rallies, trials, hill climbs and circuit racing if the urge takes you.

As I have always said about Austin 7s all of this comes with a car you can buy at a very affordable price and keep in your garden shed if you are short of space – what more could you want?   

Price 14,750.00  JUST ARRIVED!