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Austin 10 hp

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Year 1934

This 1934 Austin 10, always known as Percy, was acquired in 1934 by Frederick William Pace very soon after it was first registered, apparently because his wife liked its ALL7 registration number and it was owned by him until his death in 1992. After his passing the car was looked after by Alan Simpson of Bexley in Kent who oversaw its transfer as an inheritance gift to Fred Pace’s nephew Gerald Waldock who lived in Vancouver - I understand that it was stored there and trailered to shows but rarely driven. The file includes a Canadian magazine article which tells that its ALL7 UK registration was sold to fund the cost of a buying a trailer and shipping the Austin to Canada. Its last UK number was PSK896 which we are trying to recover.

The car was bought in 2008 by its present English owner who lives in Washington State and is its third owner in 86 years. He is only selling it because he is now restoring a Mark V1 Bentley and hasn’t the space to accommodate both cars. During his ownership he regularly used Percy, carrying out maintenance work as required which included rebuilding the braking system, renewing the king pins, replacing hoses and very recently fitting a new clutch which has the Austin 10 Owners Club’s heavy springs. In addition the wheels have been shot blasted and stove enamelled, new inner tubes were recently fitted and the tyres have plenty of tread. 

The carpets are good, the original seat leather and trim is unsurprisingly a bit worn but serviceable and a good upholsterer should be able to restore them if you feel it is necessary. It also has new side screens, a good hood and tonneau cover plus the instruments all work (including the clock!).        

It also comes with some very useful spares including newly rebored ‘short’ engine with new pistons, big ends and main bearings plus a new crown wheel and pinion for the back axle. In addition there are various tools and a collection of trophies.

In summary this is a delightful car with a very good history which carries its age with a great charm - the engine pulls nicely, the gearbox is quiet as is the transmission and it drives very well with no unpleasant noises, rattles or smoke. It is not a showy concours winner but it is a very original, sound and presentable car which you could improve cosmetically if you were so inclined.  

In short it is a lovely old Austin which you could cheerfully use and enjoy every day!  


Price 13,950.00