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Triumph  TR2

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Year 1955

In my opinion any list of early post war British sports cars would have to include the TR2 in its top ten (and to my mind quite justifiably in its top five) for sheer driving enjoyment! I may of course be a bit biased in saying this as more decades ago than I care to number I used to commute every week from my Surrey home to Wiltshire in my dark green wire-wheeled TR2. It looked, sounded and drove exactly like this one and summer morning and evening journeys on the old A4 at speeds which were then legal (but would now get me banned!) were quite simply sheer joy.    

Anyway that's enough nostalgia so let us move on to this TR which I must say is one of the best documented cars I have encountered as its owner has written several pages of very detailed notes on it which make really interesting reading. There are also lots of bills over the years from TR specialists and other suppliers as well as detailed lists of parts replaced and work done during a major overhaul which was carried out in 2020/2021 plus there are some very useful neatly hand drafted wiring diagrams relating to this car.

There is so much information in the file that it cannot reasonably be summarised but to give you an idea of the level of work done over the years just a couple of lines on one of the many pages simply say  “1992 total rebuild including engine from 25/8/92” followed by “1993 rebuild completed 15/4/93. Mileage 00469”  

I think it reasonable to assume that the odometer was reset to zero during the rebuild and for the record today’s reading is 50,259 miles so it has done just under 50,000 miles in the last thirty years.

I know everybody says that their car is the best around so it is hard for you to sort out the good cars from the not so good cars so what I will say is that if you come and look at this one I believe you will be impressed by it but if you look hard you may find a few things which might get it marked down in a concours event. However I think it is fair to say that overall it must be one of the best TR2s you will come across so it is well worth a look!       


Price 35,000.00