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Morgan Plus Four

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Year 1953

The thing about this lovely Plus Four drop head coupe is that as soon as it arrived at my place I could see that it was in top notch condition cosmetically with an engine that sounded really nice and further examination revealed that the car really is as good as it looks!

When I took it for an exploratory run the structure and mechanicals lived up to its cosmetic promise as the body is sound and rattle free and the engine, gearbox, transmission and suspension all worked to the same high standard.

It comes with a comprehensive file which includes a list of some twenty maintenance items the owner has attended to since he bought it in July 2018 which is supported by a good file of invoices .  Given that the Morgan is in such good condition I should tell you that he is only selling it because he has been unwell and is no longer able to enjoy driving it as much as intended to.  

There is a copy of correspondence with the Morgan company which tells us amongst other things that this is a matching numbers car which left the factory in September 1953 and that it carries one of a batch of 10 drop-head coupe bodies commissioned in March 1953. There is also an excellent 20 page article entitled Malvern’s Masterpiece – 1950 -1969 Morgan Plus Four and another magazine article which features a section on this car and its owner.

We learn that this late flat radiator car is still powered by its original unmodified Standard Vanguard engine fitted with its correct single carburettor which has not been replaced by two carburettors as have been retro fitted to many other Plus Fours of this age. I believe the only other change from original is that its Burman-Douglas steering box has been replaced by a Cam Gears steering box which is much more precise than the original unit and was soon adopted by Morgan themselves.

So, what we have here is a fine looking and very rare flat radiator Morgan drop head coupe in first class condition which provides standards of comfort and weather protection not available in the more numerous roadster versions but still gives spirited motoring in the true Morgan tradition!



Price 35,000.00