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MG MGB roadster

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Year 1972

Given the huge and deserved success of the MGB in its heyday it is not surprising that there are usually quite a number of them for sale at any one time - it is therefore not that easy to distinguish which MGB is worth looking at when many of them are described as being in A1 condition. All I can say is that if you want what must be one of the better MGBs around then you really do need to come and see this car.

About 19 years ago it was comprehensively rebuilt by MG specialist EMGC of Uckfield. The list of work they carried out is extensive but I think it is important to give you as much detail as possible to help you distinguish this MGB others you might consider buying.

All of its trim, brightwork and mechanical components were removed then the body was stripped back to bare metal and shot blasted to ensure it was rust free. New sills, door panels and wings were fitted then it was twin pack repainted in a spray booth and baked to ensure the finish was properly cured after which the underside and all body cavities were also given full anti corrosion treatment. I think it is important to note that the owner chose to restore the car’s existing body rather than buy a new “Heritage” shell thus retaining much of its originality. 

The engine was rebuilt to lead free specification then all mechanical and electrical components including carburettors, distributor, water pump, radiator, water hoses, heater, oil cooler, starter motor, alternator, wiring loom, fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel lines, brake hydraulics, linings, hoses, static pipes and discs, clutch and hydraulics, steering components and suspension including anti roll bars etc were either reconditioned or replaced to ensure that they were in perfect working order.

The chrome and brightwork, carpets, seats, hood, tonneau, dash panel, seat belts, number plates, tyres and wheels were all replaced with new components.

Subsequent to all that work it has been fitted with electronic ignition and it was recently given a new mohair hood and a tonneau cover.

A September 1999 MoT certificate shows showed that it had covered 83,827 miles by the time the major work was completed and it has only done about 2,700 miles since then. A comprehensive set of MoT test certificates in the file verify these figures and its really lovely appearance and super drivability reflects its very low mileage. Although it was restored about 19 years ago it has always been really well looked after and any inspection will show that it must be regarded as being one of the best available in the market, especially considering its very sensible price!

I have known this car for a number of years and have driven it several times so I can happily confirm that it looks, feels and sounds like an almost brand new car with correct oil pressure and water temperature being maintained at all times despite doing a fair bit of driving at motorway speeds. The car performs impeccably and is very relaxing to drive with me just flicking in and out of overdrive when I wanted to overtake another car (naturally never exceeding the legal speed limit). 

So if you are looking for a really well above average MGB please come and have a look at it but please do come prepared to find yourself wanting to own it!. 

Price 13,250.00