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Fiat 500L

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Year 1971

Fiat 500L description

I have to admit that having personally owned eleven of them that I do like Italian cars – there is just something about them and I would find it hard to think of a boring Italian motor car. However I had never even sat in let alone driven a Fiat 500 so when I was asked to sell this one I did wonder what it would be like but I should have known better – it is Italian and it is red and of course its good fun to drive!

It does everything you would expect - it goes well, helped no doubt by its light weight and its upgrade from a 500cc to a 650cc engine with a very nice four speed gearbox. It also has taut steering and four wheel independent suspension which gives nice handling and good road holding - sure it’s not a high performance sports car but it has all of the verve and brio of much more powerful Italian cars at a fraction of the cost and you will rarely have a problem finding a parking space!      

It appears to be in very good condition with a sound body shell and paintwork which I would describe as smart but not concours so you can park it without worrying about people putting their sticky fingers on it. To add to the fun it has a sun roof and the interior looks good with clean unworn upholstery, trim and carpets.   

Please do come and have a look but be prepared to be totally charmed by it!  



Price 8,750.00