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Dellow Mark 2B

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Year 1955

According to the Dellow Register this 1955 Mk 2 model left the works in May 1955 - its first owner was a Mr John Mansell and it was issued with the OUY237 registration it still carries. A contemporary Motorsport article records that he drove a Dellow in that year’s Exeter trial so it appears that it went straight in to competitive use.

The first thing that strikes you about this car is that despite it being a trials car it is in remarkably good condition with far fewer bumps and dents than you might imagine, the second thing is that it is very taut with no obvious bangs or rattles from the body, chassis or suspension, the third thing is that it is mechanically very good and finally it goes like the proverbial clappers! None of this will surprise you once you have read the following summary of work which has been done on it. I do not have a record of when it was carried out but any drive in the car should convince you that it was all done relatively recently or certainly not that many miles ago!      

The Dellow England Register shows it as originally having twin SU carburettors whereas it now has a single SU feeding a Shorrock C75B supercharger and the Ford 100E engine has a Willment overhead inlet valve conversion and a four branch exhaust. In addition a note on the file records that it was fitted with  stainless steel valves, a steel flywheel, a competition clutch, specially made forged pistons and connecting rods with new bearings for the big ends, the crankshaft and the camshaft plus it has a full flow oil system. It also has an electric fan and water pump to supplement the original 100E fan and water pump plus it has been fitted with Amethyst electronic ignition.       

It has hydraulic brakes, new ball joints in the suspension and new wheel bearings. The Ford 105E four speed gearbox has been rebuilt with a Bellamy alloy bell housing. The Ford 105E rear axle has Ford Classic half shafts and brake shoe assemblies mounted on the original 103E backplates. It has a 4.7 to 1 crown wheel and pinion with a very robust Ford Transit needle roller differential assembly. It also has new rear coil springs and hydraulic shock absorbers.

It has an original Dellow speedometer and Dellow tachograph which has been converted to accommodate the electronic ignition and as well as Smiths gauges for temperature,oil pressure and amps it has an original Shorrock blower pressure gauge.

If you would like what must be a competitive trials car or just a remarkably good fun road car then I think you will find that this is well worth a look – it is also very good value for money!